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The Cleaner by Mark Dawson | A Spoiler Free Book Review

The Cleaner by Mark Dawson | A Spoiler Free Book Review

This is another one of those classic cases where I’ve read a book and thought, I must review this book for my Thriller Novel Nerd Blog. Alas, several months later, I’m now getting around to writing the review for The Cleaner¬†by Mark Dawson. The reason I wanted to write this review was twofold. First, I loved it. The book was unexpected deep, sad, and emotional. Second, the book was written by a successful self-published author. It’s my intention to review both sides of the publishing world, traditional and self-published or indie authors. Well, the best of both worlds.

The Atlantis Plague | A Spoiler Free Book Review

The Atlantis Plague | A Spoiler Free Book Review

It seems that old habits just won't die. I finished reading The Atlantis Plague by A. G. Riddle on 10 July 2017. And, I'm glad to announce that I've finally got around to writing a review for it. This time I did manage to write down a few notes before I went on to...

The Coelho Medallion | A Spoiler Free Review

The Coelho Medallion | A Spoiler Free Review

As I look back on my GoodReads account, it has been almost two months since I finished reading the Coelho Medallion and, I can still remember the story of this debut thriller novel by Sci-Fi Author Kevin Tumlinson. I have to admit sometimes it is a bit of a struggle to remember a story eight weeks later. So, it’s either a sign of old age or a sign of a great story. In this case, it’s a great story.

The Key | A Spoiler Free Book Review

The Key | A Spoiler Free Book Review

I’ve been thinking about posting book reviews on the Behind the Scenes blog for quite some time now. I thought I’d get the ball rolling after I just finished, The Key by Simon Toyne. After finishing Sanctus, I found myself desperately searching the internet for books two and three. And, that’s how I feel after finishing The key.



I'm Amelia. I write under the pen name A. D. Hay and I'm the author of the soon to be published James Lalonde Thriller Novels. I'm the host of the Caffeine Read Write Repeat Podcast and, I'm a book coach. Right now, I'm editing my soon to be published thriller novels, Immunity and Silence. When I'm not writing, hosting my podcast or coaching aspiring authors, I love to travel around Europe with my husband Roland, drink tea, and eat pizza.
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I’m currently outlining the story for an Action-Adventure Thriller Novella titled Missing featuring James Lalonde and a new character, Elizabeth James. I’m considering creating a series with her in the future. This book will be exclusive to readers of my website and will be available on Amazon for $2.99 (USD).

Silence + Immunity Update

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Revised Draft

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Both Immunity and Silence are in the revision process and being prepared for a professional edit before publishing. These books have brand new covers, which now reflect the series.

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