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About My Books

I’m the author of the soon to be published, James Lalonde thriller Novels. The James Lalonde Thrillers are a nine novel series. The novels are action-packed and have strong elements of Crime, Murder, Suspense, and Conspiracy with a dash of Medical Sci-fi.


James Lalonde is a bit of a French cliche. Imagine a french accent with a hint of arrogance, a dash of sarcasm, and a strong personality. He’s an investigative journalist who is hired by the most powerful newsman in New York, Patrick Evans and editor of the Daily Voice. James attempts to balance the ever increasing demands of his editor as well as unlocking the secrets of his past, that he was never supposed to know. James who prefers to go it alone is forced to partner with prize-winning, investigative journalist, Sophie Baker.


It’s Sophie or the classifieds!


Together, they track down a trail of bodies and crime all over the world, collect evidence, unveil the truth and stop a group of individuals from following through with their master plans and ultimately saving the lives of innocent people.


About Me

When I’m not writing thrillers, I love to travel and coach aspiring authors. I help aspiring authors to write, brand, and market their books so they can, create their dream business, build their author platform, and be creatively independent.


I live in London with my husband Roland, who happens to be the most amazing man in the world, and I can’t believe he picked me. And, no, I’m not at all biased. πŸ˜‰


I’m a self-confessed Louis Vuitton addict. When I’m not drooling over handbags, you can find me in a book shop purchasing books to add to my never-ending reading list. I love Harry Potter, J. F. Penn, Agatha Christie, Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Victor Hugo. I also consider Dan Brown’s novels as a guilty pleasure; no judging.


I’m also a huge lover of travelling and can’t stay away from Paris and New York.


My Journey

I’ve always loved books, in fact, it’s something my mother accidentally instilled in me as a child. She used to bribe me with little golden books as a reward for being good during grocery shopping. Thus, an obsession begins. As a child, I wrote stories on bits of paper torn from my school books which ended up being scattered across my bedroom floor much to the dismay of my Mother. Mum, if you’re reading this, consider this your long awaited apology. As a teenager, I dreamed of being a writer but, I made one mistake. I listened to the never-ending brigade of negative voices around me who all said the same thing ‘you can’t make money writing.’


I followed this well-meaning advice and ended up in my 20’s not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I floated from job to job looking for that missing element believing I could only find it in a traditional career. I secretly yearned for flexibility, freedom, and more creativity but I could never find it, but that changed the day I discovered coaching. This lead me to create a blog which led me to start writing again.


In 2011, I started taking my writing seriously. I studied the craft of storytelling through screenwriting and wrote my first few screenplays. I turned to writing fiction novels and independent publishing because I wanted people to read my work instead of it sitting in an archive somewhere waiting many years to be made into a film.


In 2015, I left my soul-sucking nine to five with a profitable online business. By day, I was a coach and by night I was a writer. Well, that was the plan. And, I don’t have to tell you what happens to well-meaning plans. I was spending much of my time marketing my business, coaching and creating content, that it left no time for writing fiction.


I’ve since learned the truth behind the ‘he who chases two rabbits chases none’ and decided to merge my two businesses together. This revelation came when I decided to create a two-part Facebook Live Series on How to Write and Edit a Non-Fiction. The live streams were a failure even though the content was great. The reason for my failure was I was marketing my content to the wrong audience. Despite the failure of this series, I realised that talking about writing a book was something I was passionate about. And, with the right audience, this could be a way to merge both of my businesses and essentially have my cake and eat it too.


There’s something beautiful about failure. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and ultimately improve for next time. When I first started my coaching business I struggled with marketing. I had no idea what I was doing. After each failure, I kept picking myself up and trying again. Over time, I realised what marking really was and the best strategies that worked for my business. I realised I was overcomplicating the entire process.


Why am I sharing these not so glamorous achievements with you?

Entrepreneurship is about going from failure to failure until you achieve success. The good news is, you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. This is why I created the behind the scenes blog. To give you an honest sneak peak at the behind the scenes, of the life of a writer who is working towards publishing her first three action-packed thriller novels.


What can you expect from the Indie Authorpreneur Life blog?

● An honest look at the behind the scenes of my writing and publishing journey.
● A look at the work it takes to successful independently publish a series of books.
● A monthly short story within the sci-fi thriller or action-adventure thriller genre.
● An episode of my Caffeine Read Write Repeat Podcast, every Sunday (launching: 27 August 2017).


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